Wednesday , June 16 2021

Hisgaura Bridge: Reject load test

Although initially stated that the next November 19 Load test B Hyggora Bridge (Santander), The parties involved in this work have agreed to postpone the mission. The new date It has not yet been determined.

After a meeting of almost two hours, the parties expressed their willingness to develop the steps proposed by me Adaptation Fund and You were, That weighs a comprehensive review and analysis of the report and protocol of the load test.

The government wants to clarify The actual loading capacity of this structure, Which criticized the irregular shape of one side.

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According to Adaptation Fund, "For this purpose, work tables will be developed, in which all those involved will participate." The information required by the control factors Will be delivered in time. "

The entity noted that once the conclusions of these tables are known " Will be accepted no later than November 29, Will be sent to the contractor, so that the Load the test schedule"

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The parties agreed that "the main objective is to provide Colombians with work that above all preserves life and ensures the safety of those who travel there, and therefore meets all Technical, sustainability, durability and safety standards"

At this meeting, the national government, through Invías and Fondo Adaptación, agreed with the construction company Cypher With the signing of the supervision ETA, Draw a unique roadmap to the final stage of The bridge is closed.

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For its part, the company Cypher Noted that "the information required by the supervisory bodies will be delivered on time". The conclusions of these tables will be presented no later than this November 29 And they will be sent to the contractor, so that the schedule of the load test will be presented. "

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