Sunday , May 28 2023

It's not Bradley Cooper! They catch Lady Gaga kissing her new boyfriend


After the very solid possible relationship between the singer Mrs. Gaga and the actor Bradley Cooper After her remarkable chemistry in her lead role, "Born a Star," and after that, the two of them separated from their partners, the artist pointed out that she had said several times that they weren't really together.

The artist was captured by the paparazzi cameras of the People magazine in a luxury restaurant next to the famous sound engineer Daniel Horton, with whom he has been working since 2018.

Horton is the owner of the company Audio Engineering Consulting Group, in addition to working with famous personalities such as Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello and Justin Timberlake.

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In some of the pictures you can see Gaga kissing him, revealing that he is the person he is currently having an affair with.

These photos appeared six months after the singer confirmed the breach of his commitment Christian Carino and that some international media have made sure he lives with Cooper and even some have suggested that he was pregnant with him.

The actor never paid any attention to these rumors, yet Gaga tried to explain it on several occasions, as she was severely criticized for being the third in disagreement, something she denied and emphasized that her attraction to Cooper was something they had to believe. . the fans of the tape in recordings, but outside the cameras only reached a pretty friendship.

For his part, Bradley is alone and according to the US press focuses on having time with his daughter Read De Seine.

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