Monday , February 6 2023

July 31 brings a message for you through Josie Diez Canseco


ARIES: MAR 20 – APR 19: A day of disagreements and misunderstandings is not a good time to demand clarification, wait for things to calm down and you can clarify any doubts. Keep in mind that things are not so simple, keep trying. Success number, 11.

TAURUS: APR 20 – MAY 20: You will remain nostalgic for someone far away, today you will make a call and listen to words that will make you feel reciprocated, and your anxiety will end. Don't risk your savings on untrustworthy companies. Success number, 1.

GEMINI: MAY 21 – JUN 21: You will overcome the feeling of insecurity that has made you distrust who you love, after a long time you will enjoy love without fear. You will seek harmony and solidarity in your work. Success number, 2.

CANCER: JUNE 22 – JULY 21: You have explained your feelings and you know what you want, today you will put aside whimsical demands and attitudes, you will not risk losing love and make plans for a more serious relationship. Problems with your superiors, but if you calm down, everything will be resolved. Success number, 8.

LEO: JULY 22 – AG 22: Talking about your personal issues with someone in your environment will help you and realize your mistakes, today you will begin to change your attitude and your problems will be solved gradually. Your good health will allow you to face new challenges that require effort. Success number, 6.

VIRGO: 23 AUG – 22 AETO: Your taxes are not working, today you will change your attitude and make the person you love accept your plans and delay theirs. Check your meals, and excessive work, as your health can be seriously affected. Success number, 7.

POUND: 23 SET. OCTOBER 22: The claims and concerns of the person you love will lose patience, but you will prefer to leave the explanations for when they will be calmer. Don't be afraid and face the new challenges that will come. Success number, 20.

SCORPIO: 23 OCTOBER – NOV 22: Changes in your love life, the encounter with someone from your past will revive old feelings in you, will not let distrust drive you away, you can be sure of their sincerity. Today your intellectual ability will enhance your work. Success number, 10.

SAGITTARIUS: 23 NOVEMBER – 22 DEC: You will be in good spirits and resolve your love disagreements with speech and with a positive attitude, you will not tend to give in to rest. Your obsession with work could affect your health. Success number, 19.

GOAT: DEC 23 – JAN 21: You will act impulsively and regardless of the loved one, your attitude will cause stress and cost you to recognize your mistakes. Paying attention to the papers you sign might be blurry things. Success number, 14.

AQUARIUS: JANUARY 22 – FEB 17: You will be in a bad mood and prefer to be alone, but it will not be long, you will lack the love and care of your partner, and you will seek his company. You will begin to reap success in your professional work. Success number, 12.

THOUGHTS: FEB 18 – MAR 19: You will remain very much, that man's memory will not leave your mind, today you would rather be alone to reflect, you will explain your feelings and gradually you will regain calm. Expand your knowledge and don't fall asleep on your laurels. Success number, 4.


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