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Keanu Reeves is unknown across the streets of New Orleans Hollywood Shows


New airs in the seventh art. Renowned actor Keanu Reeves is working on a new film project. The famous of Hollywood will participate in the movie "Bill & Ted is facing the music," which corresponds to the third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise, according to People.

It should be mentioned that the protagonist of "Matrix" is one of the most beloved celebrities of the medium and fans always pay attention to whatever the actor does. However, fans were amazed at Reeves' latest footage and leaked on Instagram.

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The actor, who is now recording in New Orleans, was greatly changed. Keanu Reeves wore a strange hair (Mohican type), a full beard and a few extra pounds. Its transformation is due to the demands of the role it plays.

YOU CAN SEE: Keanu Reeves surprises a fan with a tender message in her garden [FOTOS]

About the tape "Bill & Ted face the music"

A movie that is being filmed these days and which will be released in mid-2020. The movie is a sequel to "Bill & Ted's Great Adventure" from 1989, which also starred Reeves.

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Keanu Reeves faces a thief

A few weeks ago a video went viral where Keanu Reeves appeared preventing a robbery.

In the pictures you can see how the actor confronts the criminal and then offers the assailant his own money and the Mustang he used in John Wick to run away.

However and to the disappointment of the followers of the famous, he tried only a joke and the man was not the actor, but a subject who used the techno "deep fake".

Why doesn't Keanu Reeves have to join UCM?

An article in the Vice portal highlighted the danger to the protagonist's career as Matrix, which would mean joining the Marvel Universe, following a comment from Marvel Studios director Kevin Feige on the conversations he has with the actor. According to the media, promising actors who have entered the "black hole of the UCM" have suffered the impact that this success has meant on their acting career. Chris Evans does not appear to have found any other solid roles after Captain America, and the involvement of Mark Ruffalo in other productions it has undergone a considerable reduction Robert Downey, Jr got no other success – except Sherlock Holmes– In the last decade, he played the metal hero.

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