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Megan Markell would take care of the palace workers

Megan Markell For 37 years she has fulfilled her dream as an actress in Hollywood. Although not widely recognized, he became a small industry space thanks to his participation in the series "Suits". However, her life underwent a 180-degree turn after meeting Prince Harry, who would soon become her husband and become the British monarchy.

Meghan quickly won the affection of the public, she is a woman of brown skin, divorced, close to 40 years, plebeian with sympathy that radiates at all times. Her past and personality are very contrasted with those of the women of her new family, namely, Queen Elizabeth II and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. These differences may make her stand out among the royal family, in addition to the generosity she produces in public because of her discomfort with the protocol, It makes her look human like everyone else.

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Yet, Her new status as "Sussex Duchess" Not only does she put her in the eye of the world for her humility and charisma, her marriage to Prince Harry is also marked by unpleasant rumors, especially by her father's family, as her father and brother accuse her of leaving them aside.

Now, other comments come up that do not give the duchess a very good picture, but this time It's because of his bad weather.

In recent weeks it has become known that Megan Merkel's personal assistant, whose only name is known as "Melissa", unexpectedly resigned to the job without giving further explanations and without prior notice. According to British media Daily Mail, The Source of Kensington Palace revealed that the woman "is a very talented person who played a key role in the success of the royal wedding and will be missed by everyone."

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However, the same thing that Kensington Palace refused to give statements on the resignation of women. But Melissa is not the only employee of Megan and Harry who resigned, because only six months after they got married, they accepted the resignation of two more workers.

As reviewed by Al Mundo, Samantha Cohen, the couple's private secretary He also resigned from his post considering that he had been in the service of Queen Elizabeth II for two decades. He also left Edward Lane Fox, Known as the "right hand" of Prince Harry, and worked under it for about five years.

According to the British media, it all stems from "the behavior of diva and the evil character of Meghan"; Words that support opinions Jena Nalthorpe-kun, exker of Markel, who assures that the exact can get a ratio of "tyrant" with his employees.

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On the other hand, the newspaper El Pais, He recalls that the distance began to develop between Megan Merkel and Kate Middleton because, according to the Sussex duchess, they had taken "Hollywood positions" with the crew, something her sister-in-law would not agree with.

This is added to the fact that Queen Elizabeth, according to the British media, is not very pleased with the costumes that Megan chooses for formal occasions, as she sometimes dresses "far above the knee" and dresses much black, which for the monarchy is a sound used when mourning or for definitely special occasions.

What are the strict rules that Meghan must follow as part of the royal family?

The 36-year-old actress must completely change her lifestyle and stick to the rules of the monarchy, including:

1. Always go two steps behind the prince.

2. Never sit with your legs fully crossover, you can do it just on your knees.

3. You can not take selfies or give autographs.

4. It is forbidden to show affection in public with the prince, but to hold hands.

5. Make strict dress code, no necklines.

6. Wear hats or hats at formal occasions, after six you must wear tiaras.

7. Never turn your back on the queen and every time you see her you have to make the bow respectively.

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