Sunday , May 22 2022

New screening is now available to any Colombian


As of this moment, the more than 600 thousand children born every year in the country will have an unexpected screenshot. Likewise, children born in Colombia who have Venezuelan parents will also benefit from this measure, which is regulated by Law 1980 of 2019.

"We are making a leap in equality by making this a public policy available to any child and any family. That is, every child born into a vulnerable family in Colombia will enjoy this important service to improve the quality of life of children in this country," said the President of the Republic, Iván Duque Márquez at the official launch of the program. .

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According to the Colombian president, this is the right that all children are born. He said that from this moment on, all scientific and analytical skills can be used to detect diseases that can structurally affect their quality of life early on.

Deputy Health Minister Iván González Ortiz added that since the regulation of full screening could cost the country 400,000 million pesos a year, this would be done gradually and the detection of thyroid-related diseases would be de-prioritized. of the heart, blindness and deafness.

The head of state said this law puts the country at the forefront of medicine and pediatrics, because until now an unscreened screen was a privilege of the few, to whom only families with comfortable incomes had access.

Neutral screening is a set of tests that aim to detect, early and timely, heights that impact on the health and development of children from birth.

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