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Peter slanders Vicky Davila for those who threatened her with death


Pointing to her husband's family, the Gnecco, as perpetrators of the egg attack she received, provoked Petrist anger on social media, where they even swore to kill her

From: Jorge Ortiz
August 05, 2019

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Peter slanders Vicky Davila for those who threatened her with death

Friday in Bog
A shower of Magdalen eggs hit Carlos Caicedo and Gustavo Pedro.
Immediately the former presidential candidate showed the Gnecco clan as one of
the presidential authors. From nets the oilers responded to theirs
an idol and taken as the center of their unacceptable and incomprehensible hatred
journalist Vicky Davila. The reason for this cruelty is because Vicky is
married to a dentist from the Gnecco family who never had anything to do
With politics.

Well, the Vickyparaca trend has ruled the country all weekend. Peter did nothing to close the slander, on the contrary he gave more data and sharpened his poison against his father-in-law. As usual with him, everything was pure noise, nothing concrete, not a single attempt. On the other hand, from the nets, the Petristos have irresponsibly shown Vicky Davila's children:

Even journalist Daniel Samper Ospina tried to stop the folly of Peter, who, as always, had no proof

So far, Peter has not apologized. Meanwhile Vicky Davila continues to show his concern, he has already made it public on his networks:

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