Sunday , May 28 2023

PHOTO: The Moon seems brighter than the Sun in these rays captured by a space telescope


If our eyes adapted to perceive the gamma rays, we would think that the Moon is the brightest celestial body, says NASA in a statement released on August 15, which is accompanied by a series of photos taken by the Close-space telescope.

This is because of the so-called cosmic rays, constituted mainly by protons from outer space. Because the Moon does not have a magnetic field that protects it from this radiation, these particles are constantly bombarding its surface, emitting gamma rays, the part of which is redirected to Earth.

In fact, the energy of gamma rays from our natural satellite reaches 31 million electrons and is 10 million times stronger than the one in the visible spectrum, the scientists explain.

If we could perceive these rays, the Moon "It would never go through its monthly phase cycle and it would always be full", says astronomer Frances Loparco, of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics of Bari (Italy), who analyzed the phenomenon.

Cosmic rays reach enormous speed, as the particles that form them are accelerated by other energy phenomena in the universe such as the expanding waves of stars and the currents that occur when matter is absorbed by black holes, explains Loparco's colleague Mario Nicola Mazziotta.

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