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Supervisor confirms conviction for resale of resources in Saludcoop – Health – Life


Considering that Saludcoop's intervention eight years ago repeated the practices of 1998 to 2010, with executives of that EPS diverting millions of health care resources, the Comptroller General ratified yesterday a tax decision against several former officials who participated. that intervention.

The Office of the Comptroller General confirmed the first instance tax ruling – conducted last May – in which it condemned former Health Superintendents Gustavo Morales Cobo and Conrado Adolfo Gómez Vélez for diverting millions of Colombian health care resources.

The tax conviction was also upheld against the agents involved in the EPS Wilson Sanchez, Mauricio Castro and Guillermo Grosso Sandoval.

Thus everyone must respond together and pay 91,133 million pesos, which corresponds to the indexed value of the damage, which was recorded at that time at 69,000 million pesos.

This conviction is known only two years after Medimás took off, the EPS that received in 2012 the patients of Cafesalud, an entity that replaced the liquidated Saludcoop after the rosary of irregularities that were in its management, intervention, and liquidation.

The Comptroller found in the tax process that former officials used resources from the general social security system that should be used for the health of Saludcoop members, at different expense, in infrastructure and leases to improve the health network itself.

Thus, although they must monitor the proper management of resources during Saludcoop's intervention, according to the Supervisor, "They did nothing to prevent that money from falling". The Supervisor said the law prohibits spending money from the Capitol Payment Unit (UPC) on concepts other than the health of Colombians. In addition, the resources that Saludcoop received in the intervention for co-payments and moderation fees, which are money for exclusive use for user attention, were authorized to be incorporated into the assets of the EPS.

This practice was questioned precisely before the intervention of EPS Saludcoop, "And yet it persisted in this new stage", the intervention, the agency said.

Sponsorships, honorary millionaires to lawyers and legal auditors, technical advice, credit interests, a lease agreement and even a clinic purchase were also paid.

"Such expenditures can only be made by their own means or by charging their profits as EPS", said the Comptroller in imputing allegations.

The Supervisor's decision not only implies that those responsible cannot contract with the State, but also that their real estate and bank accounts will be taken over.

Gustavo Morales, a former National Superintendent of Health, knowing the decision for a second instance, said: "The Office of the Comptroller, instead of prosecuting the real corrupters, is punishing those who make very difficult decisions to guarantee the provision of the health service.".

On the other hand, Conrado Gómez, who as inspector ordered Saludcoop's intervention, assured that there was never any economic harm and said that the Supervisor's decision did not allow for specific payments to be made for the rent of equipment and facilities to guarantee care. of thousands of people. He also said that the assets acquired remain in the state's possession. "And they're ready to be sold."

Disciplinary judgment on Medimás turns

Due to the alleged omission in overseeing the destination of Medimás money transfers to several IPSs, the Attorney General has called on former Deputy Superintendent of Risk Control (e) Edna Paola Najar Rodríguez to disciplinary proceedings.

Apparently, the resources would be transferred by the figure of medical advances to IPS Miocardo S.A. and Procardio Servos Médicos Integrales S. A. S., presumably for use in investment operations associated with the Cafesalud reorganization plan.

For the Prosecutor's Office, despite apparently having evidence of the alleged misuse of health resources, the former official would not have reported the situation or taken steps to prevent it and could benefit individuals.

In addition, the Prosecutor's Office also filed charges for alleged inactivity and abandonment in the course of performing his duties.

During the public hearing, Najar has the right to defend himself, ask for testimony and give a free version if requested.


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