Sunday , January 24 2021

The "Bank of Million" for immigrants is fulfilled in Cúcuta

The Corporation of the Minute of God, presided over by Father Diego Jaramillo, scheduled for Thursday, starting at 7:00, The Banquet of the Million, who reaches its 58th version, at the Club of Commerce.

"Come on, they are our brothers!" It's the campaign he undertook.

The goal is to increase the capacity to help indigenous and Colombian people and families of Venezuelathat since September 2015, with the start of mass exodus, they received hygienic kits, clothes, shoes and basic needs, with which 788 people benefitted, represented in 197 families that arrived mainly at Villa de la Rosary, Cúcuta, Maicao, Arauca and Puerto Carreño.

The father of Cuzco Rafael García Herreros was the founder of the Corporation of the Minute of God and the Banquet of the Million.

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