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The electric sports car that breaks Volkswagen records, tested on the most dangerous road in the world | Engine


It's called Volskwagen ID.R and it's real animal of 680 horsepower. He most powerful electric sports car The German company has already broken several speed records in the most important circuits in the world. So The Volskwagen ID will be tested on the most dangerous road in the world.

This is the Tianmen's Great Gate in China, a very steep road that is in an almost inaccessible location. On one side, the mountain. To another, the abyss. And onward 10 hell miles with 99 sharp turns, some with more than 240 degrees. In just 11 kilometers down 1,100 meters.

Litmus program for the Volkswagen ID.R, the electric sports car that broke speed records for electric car on Goodwood, Pikes Peak and Nurburgring circuits. In the latter, with over 40 seconds of advantage. In Goodwood it beats Formula 1 fuel. Now your hardest test awaits you.

To compete in China, the German brand has painted its Volskwagen ID.R in red and black, with some inscriptions in Mandarin.

The test that awaits you is not simple. Tianmen Shan Big Gate is a road projected with the darkness in mind. According to Taoist tradition, Heaven has nine kingdoms, so 9 is a holy number. Therefore to get to the Tianmen Shan Big Gate path you have to climb 999 steps, and face vertical descent with 99 curves of extreme danger, where you almost have to stop the car, because of how closed they are.

In a very different challenge to the fast circuits where the Volskwagen ID.R He broke all records on an electric car.

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Looking at the road, and looking at the car, the pictures that come out of that record attempt will be memorable. We look forward to enjoying them …

The German brand has not yet communicated the date of the event.

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