Thursday , June 17 2021

The municipality is accompanied by demonstrations and wishes to respect the right of citizens to enlist

Mayor Enrique Panieloza confirmed that all necessary steps would be taken to prevent the blockade on the lines of mass crowds due to checks set on Thursday starting at 10 am.

"We respect the right to protest, but we also respect the right of millions of citizens to enlist, to go to work, to study, to work home, and I hope that all the marches will be carried out at the highest level, while respecting the norm and the mobility of millions of citizens using a mass transport, The President.

He also lamented that those who lead these marches do not want to reach agreement on the routes and the order in which these demonstrations will take place. And stressed that this affects mainly citizens who are moving through mass transit.

"Blocking the city's mass transit lines is a cowardly thug, and civilians who pass through the vehicle have one way or another to find alternative ways to reach their jobs and destinations, but citizens who pass through mass transit, which are usually of lower resources, are the citizens most affected by these actions, Peñalosa.

Also, the mayor said that they will be drastic in preventing the blockade on TransMilenio public transport lines, as well as punish those who carry it out.

Taking into account that the county seeks to prevent events during this day and ensure the safety of citizens, will accompany these protests through their entities.

The mayor will accompany the checks

From the Emergency Operations Center (COE), the district authorities and the representatives of the marching organizations will be mobilizing and mobilizing, starting at 8 am. At this point, his personality will remain.

At a meeting held this Wednesday morning in the offices of the government secretariat, among the regional bodies and the leaders of the various organizations that will meet tomorrow in Rehovot, it was reported that in the event that the co-existence managers are at risk, they will be removed immediately and the police intervene.

According to provincial authorities, 80 co-existence managers and at least 2,000 uniformed personnel will be aware that they will ensure the safety and integrity of all citizens.

It should be remembered that the immediate reaction group, composed of police officers, will operate more intensively in Transmilano, in the event of obstructions or damage to the system.

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