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The paper house 3: what happened to Nairobi at the end of chapter 8 of the third season? Netflix | Fourth season Alba Flowers TV | Series


THE PAPELA DOMO 3 | SPOILER ALERTO | WHAT HAVE AID WITH NAIROBI? | "The paper house" premierized the third season in Netflix. This new installment begins two years after the assault to the National Factory of Currency and Seal of Marid. The most famous robbers in the world live in a hiding place, but they had to meet again to save River This was captured by Interpol with the purpose of extracting information about The Professor and the rest of the band.

Before going on, this note will be MULTA SPOILER So the best thing is for you to stop and look at the series to avoid ruining the most successful history of Spain and Netflix.

Nairobi was summoned by The Professor for his background, so he accepted the challenge to have money and be able to recover his son. With the passage of the chapters, this character is much more likely to be in charge of the money factory, order the team and make it the most millionaire robbery in history.

The character of Alba Flores It was from less to more until it got the strength to overthrow weakened Berlin and has become the leader of the most famous criminal band in the world, so from that moment he has won the respect of all.

In the third season of "The paper house", The Nairobi She shows her power again and explains that she is the leader, but unfortunately she had a terrible end that left the fans at the tears.

What happened to Nairobi at the end of season 3 from "The paper house"?

The Sierra inspector He made his last moves and put the Professor into control.

The first thing he did was destabilizing Nairobi and he feels the anxiety that he can not see his son, so he uses his little bit to remind him of these bitter moments when he used his child as a mule to sell drugs.

After he catches the robber's attention, he calls her on the phone and tells him he has his son, so he tells him he will take him out of the tent so he can see him from the window after a long time.

The surprise was that Inspector Sierra He did not want to negotiate, but beat the band, so he ordered a sniper to shoot him.

Later scenes can be seen Nairobi seriously injured and bleeding. The firing did not hit him in the heart, but under the click and he did not know if he died or his companions managed to save him alive, because they had a surgery.

Of course that is Alicia Sierra I have very radical decisions and strategies to end the bad and in this case it is with the band of robbers and the professor.

We'll have to wait for the fourth season to really know what's going on Nairobi and if she survives, it is more than clear that she will be very tired of vengeance with the inspector to use her son as an estate.

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