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The reasons for the connection between Medellín and Tolima in the Agile League semifinal – Sports

The League's first match of the semi-final ended at two goals, at Atanasio Girardot.

Medellín vs. Tolima

Juan Fernando Caicedo (center) makes his way between two rivals in the 2-2 between Medellín and Tolima.


Esneyder Gutiérrez



November 21, 2018, 10:31 p.m.

Independent Medellín and Sports Tolima played a good game, opened, without speculation, and installed the duel with a draw with two goals left by the series open for the next meeting, on Sunday in Ibague. Why was this link?

1. The offensive spirit of Tolima

In the first half, Tolima set the conditions. Although in paper he had three marked flyers, the role of two of them, Rafael Carrascal and Carlos Renteria, was more to give ball-handling. This offensive spirit found an early prize, with the goal of Marco Pérez, and also in the end, thanks to a penalty well sanctioned by referee Andrés Rojas, of good performance.

2. The defensive advantages of Medellín

Medellin suffered every time when he was attacked by the right side of his defense, especially in the Elvis Perlaza region. In addition, at the outset he did not press in the middle of the court and allowed Tolima to take the ball away from him and try to end the middle distance. So the purpose came and three other options in the first stage. The issue was corrected half and a penalty made by Perlaza finished in the final draw.

3. Medellín took advantage of its moment

The first 15 minutes of the second half were the best of Medellín in the match. They found the tie with mid-range shot by Larry Corner and then made a nice collective play for Juan Fernando Caicedo to get the 2-1 game. In this way, they found an alternative formula after Tolima isolated the army Germán Ezequiel Kano.

4. The wounds hit the Tolima

In the middle of the match, the striker Marco Pérez felt discomfort and asked for the change. And when Medellín turned the score, Tolima lost the injury to Yohandry Orozco. The uncertainty of losing his two main attacks took his tax on Tolima, who then reacted and returned to the initial plan to save luck.


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