Saturday , May 27 2023

They deal with properties and plants with pseudonym palm "Don Mario"


The self-defense groups in Meta belonged to tools that the prosecution's temporary judicial office has been persecuting in recent hours by former police paramilitary leader Daniel Rendón Herrera, Don Mario and José Baldomero Linares, Guillermo Torres. "

The occupation of the occupation, domain extinctionthrough the Asset Pursuit Group, supported by the National Army, the Dijin, the National Police, the Notary and Registration Inspectorate, and the Agustín Codazzi (Igac) of the Colombian Geographic Institute.

According to the prosecution, Puerto Gaitan, Puerto López and San Martín (Meta) settlements come from the Centauro Block of the United States of Consolidation (AUC) and have extensive breeding.

These properties extend to 189, 290, 170 and 140 hectares. According to the evaluation of the subject's topic, a the commercial valuation of these properties reaches seven billion pounds.

Rendo reacts to the New York court for crimes drug trafficking, a conspiracy to market drugs, the development of illicit businesses, a conspiracy for the international production and distribution of cocaine.

Other operations allowed the seizure of the three assets; two houses and a hotel that would be part of the wealth owned by Meta and Vichada's peasant self-defense and located in Puerto Gaitan and Puerto López (Meta), and whose business value is estimated at two billion pesos ($ 2,000,000,000).

These tools have been decommissioned by the Guardian of Defense of José Baldomero Linares, Guillermo Torres, Meta and Vichada, and released by the commander of the structure.

The properties are already in the hands of the victim's recovery foundation, which is responsible for handling the assets.

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