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This was the concert of Roger Waters in El Campín, in Bogotá – Music and Books – Culture

The dark side of Campin's stadium shone at 8:28 p.m., slowly revealing every detail of the pompous meeting of Roger Waters with Colombia. The elapse became a shock of excitement amplified when the lights threw their eyes to the stage and the impressive 72 meters long screen showed the first images on its surface.

A huge beach appeared on the screen. It was a reddish image of the sea, which was observed by a person who worked as a framework for the first sounds of the recital. "I've been crazy for many years (…) I've always been crazy, like most of you," was the voice that broke the silence and started the hysteria.

The appointment with Waters, one of the most important singers and composers of the rocky universe and who built part of the Pink Floyd story appeared on the scene by giving the first cords with its inseparable bass of Breathe & # 39;

The cadence of the guitars and the message that surrounds the meaning of life has chosen the fans who have been excited trying to save their strength for the next emotion: one of these days, with this unmistakable baskets of water together with your fans

Thunder broke the applause and multicolored lights fell as a waterfall dropping down from the giant stage. Then the sound of tikado, explained that it was time. Thousands of clocks appeared behind the musicians, while many closed their eyes to surrender to the trance of one of the classics of the album The Dark Side of the Moon.

When the emotional frequency was at its peak, the runners Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig gave the audience a powerful talent show with their interpretation of Breathe (Reprise) and Great Gig in the Sky, leaving all open in El Campín.

Roger reappeared with Welcome to the Machine, from the album Wish you were Here by the Floyd, as an accusation against the superficiality of a music industry that is not betting a risk.

The musical journey then took the course of Is This the Life We Really Want ?, The most recent album of the British musician (2017), with the song Déjà Vu (criticism of the consciousness of today's society), a look that he later It has been developed in The Last Refugee and in Picture That, another strong social and political criticism in which he cries with one of his sentences: "Take a picture with a head without a brain" (…) "Follow the movie on the mobile phone of A previous row chair (…) Keep registering Miss Universe capturing lightning ", was part of the hard message the artist had launched.

In order to balance the emotions, the concert continued with Wish you were Here, the emotional ballad that moved the more than 30,000 attendants to the concert. It was not for less, being one of the hymns with which Waters and Pink Floyd tribute to Syd Barrett, founding drummer of the group group.

The deafening noise of a helicopter flooded the stage at any time to make way for the happiest days of our lives, along with Another Brick in the Wall (part 2 and part 3), who fired the hysterion to the clouds that calmed, after a second session and in which the band was accompanied by a group of twelve children from the Crea Foundation, who made the choir of one of Rosa Floyd's most popular compositions

After interruption, the show reappeared with the acoustic melody of Dogs and then changed to the hypnotic rhythm of "Pigs (Three Different), who once again spread a diatribon against the powerful". … And when you put your hand on your heart, you're almost a joke, you're a bubble, " sang Waters accompanied again with images of the president of the United States and a famous pig floating over the heads of the audience, with a shocking closure, in which everyone read: & Trump is a pig.

The singer put on a mask of the song's animal and gave an extraordinary hearing with a platform transformed into an industry of four smoking chimneys. Before he took a sign that said: & # 39; The pigs dominate the world & and then crossed to another, in which the phrase said: & fuck the pigs &

Waters also took a while to talk to the fans who met him at the Stadium. He invited them to believe in human rights, apply them and in his opinion he demonstrated his support for the protests of Colombian students who protested for better education.

"Student loans are not a solution … they mean the life of eternal slavery." Among great applause he raised another post with the words We Need More Education & (We need more education) And emphasized that education is for everyone.

Following some criticism, his musicians revealed Money's accordion. Again the stage vibrated with applause and cries that were not interrupted after the avalanche of hymns that followed in the show with Us and Them; Brain Damage and Eclipse, before finishing with Komforte Numb, deeply felt, farewell to a concert full of musical emotion and a powerful reflection on a world to which Waters have always given it a connotation of chaotic, painful and unjust, with letters considered mature hymns, but of wonderful importance in the present.

Resistance (resistance) was the message that the Colombian children who accompanied the artist were carrying their shirts and it was the word that often bite in the mind of a crowd that had with this concert, the experience of a cataract of a slight picture, but that, in this case, could be composed of music and reflection.

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