Sunday , June 11 2023

[Video] They attack paramedics and destroy an ambulance due to non-relocation of dead to hospital


Two paramedics of the Ministry of Health were injured, after several workers from the Sanministery attended an emergency occurrence in the construction of an earthquake that buried a 43-year-old worker, and who died at the scene, Citytv reported.

The crew could do nothing to save the victim's life. the community beat them with sticks and, with stones, attacked the vehicle.

"The public does not know the procedure to follow and proceed to take the ambulance, strike it and make it complete vandalism. Knowing that the body is already dead, and its competence is no longer [de los parámedicos]"Colonel Alzari Gutiérrez, inspector of the Bogota Police, told the channel.

One of the ambulance crew who left unharmed, said in Citytv, that people, not satisfied with the assault, had stolen "all equipment to give first aid to a patient.


"They totally plundered the mobility. The ambulance is broken by glass, the body is broken. It is a great damage"Said the worker of the Sanministery.

Also, the affected party, which defended its identity, explained that whenever they were attending cases in those "very complicated" districts, they requested the support of the Police, but often they arrive late or did not arrive.

The Two paramedics who were injured were led to a health center where they had already been confined, according to Caracol News.

So the ambulance happened:

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