Wednesday , August 17 2022

What has changed in James Rodriguez since leaving Real Madrid 2017-2019 | Colombians Abroad


James Rodriguez is still the topic of world conversation and now, it seems, he would have everything ready to stay at Real Madrid, mainly due to Asensio's injury and at the request of Florentino Pérez, not Zinedine Zidane.

However, the cafe is no longer such and has spent time away from his beloved Real Madrid since leaving the club in 2017.

What has James Rodriguez changed?

Since his departure, he has been on one team: Bayern Munich, had good games, but did not stay. However the & # 39; 10 & # 39; tried more positions and became a player who has more dedication to the game in the defensive zone.

Previously, James Rodriguez was not a football player who defended again and maintained constant pressure. With the ammunition team, the Colombian has proven himself to be a more defensive driver, who has been very helpful in several passes on the court.

Rather than being a wing-10, Bayern used it in the first row of leaflets, something that James Rodriguez had not done before and that he specialized in that position.

Now, with the Colombian National Team, Carlos Queiroz has even stuck with the striker as a final in the Copa America, so it could be a major help in this area.

Another aspect is the injury problem, the Colombian has suffered quite a bit of physical discomfort over the last two years and the issue is starting to weigh in as he needs to perform for the merino joint.

Finally, a personal and emotional aspect. The Colombian, now more mature, has faced more experience when he does not have to play and devote himself to work, which was evident in Bayern.

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