Thursday , March 23 2023

3.5mm jack disappears from phones. Samsung Laughs Early at Apple, Missing Jack Now And Sweeping Traces


The cylinder headset called a jack has become a common part of phones. The small round connector is practical and the design of the phone is usually not that serious. That's why it caused a considerable upheaval when Apple decided to remove the jack from the iPhone. Samsung took advantage of the mood and prepared advertising spots where Apple was mocking. Now he quietly wiped them. He also removed the jacket on his latest phone.

Check out Samsung's older, nasty ad:

Merchant Insider has drawn attention to Samsung's hypocritical behavior. The PR team definitely addressed the question of how to deal with the problem. He may have tried the answer in the sense that Samsung now offers advanced wireless headphones that will let you forget about the connector. Instead, he preferred to remove older ads from his channels.

But at least they have to explain to journalists. In a statement to The Verge, Samsung states that it has decided to remove the jacket primarily because of the design. As a result, much more space was freed up in the compartment, allowing the battery to extend up to 100 mAh in capacity, which is now more useful to the user.

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