Friday , June 9 2023

A mom with a walk on the crossing hit the car. The driver did not stop after him


A terrible accident happened on Thursday evening before 5 pm at T. G. M. Square in Smržovka in the Jablonec region. A mom with a small baby on the track preferred the pedestrian crossing the driver. The driver behind him probably did not react in a timely manner and crashed into the car in front of him.

It was thrown forward directly to the passing mom with the vehicle. The woman and the baby were taken to Jablonec Hospital, police did not specify the extent of their injuries.

"The police conducted an orientation test for alcohol and an orientation test for drugs that were negative. The injured woman was ordered to have blood taken at the hospital," police spokesman Vladimira Srytrova said. The circumstances and faults will continue to be dealt with by the Jablonec traffic police.

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