Friday , June 9 2023

At Buchlov's man fell from a rock, a helicopter flew for him


The accident happened to men shortly before 11:00. "When climbing near the village of Břestek in the direction of Buchlov, he fell a few tens of meters from the rock. His fall was reported by witnesses, including a nurse who gave first aid to the man," said Javoříková.

Firefighters placed the injured tourist on a handlebar and transported it through difficult terrain to a bar more than 200 meters away, where the helicopter of the air rescue service landed.

"The helicopter transported the injured man to the regional hospital in Zlín," Javoříková said.

"With the gentleman, it turned out very well. It has only a cocoon and some abrasions and wounds on the body. We will stay in the hospital for a day or two to observe in the hospital," said Egon Havrlant, spokesman for the regional hospital in Zlín. . He stated that the man did not fall from his height.

"It was walking along the terrain and rolling along a twenty-meter long slope," the spokesman said. "The first information for rescuers was that some climber fell, but it turned out he was just a hiker who rolled down." Havrlant added.

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