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Babi's Factor: Is it even though? Did the police fail? Will it fall? | House


Prague Did Andre Babi say that his son of similar character found himself in the Crimea without control? Will it fall? Server has compiled a review of the unexplained millions of dollars associated with the case and the hunt.

lo nos?

The present case is operative in abundance with nasal term. Peter Protopovov, a Russian ruler who works separately as Agubert's "idiot," was, according to her father, a young man who had been in the Crimea. I wonder when, how, where. It does not say how long and how the son of a Russian son in Russia occupied the earth. My father is young as a man talking like his nose, his father, Prime Minister Andrei Babi, such a version of withdrawal.

Out of this the fear hunter mm. His mane is a psychiatrist they have a big yard and they abuse her. () He told me in Ukraine: "Your father will do everything you can do," said my young father in the news broadcast Monday evening on the television list. He had misled my father's desire to disappear, Baba's son, to Protopop. This disappearance should be related to criminal charges in the case and hunting. Protopofov rejected the comment.

How does she react to my father?

His son's voice was considered by Andrei Babi (Yu) as a scene that would destroy him and get him out of politics. At an emotionally embarrassing party for the Italian press conference, which featured an international conference on the conflict in Libya, the public was informed that it was open to the time when it was abroad, and when the celebrations were celebrated on November 17. In the meantime, he sought to put pressure on surrogacy organs and to undermine the political situation .

The son of the sewer said his father wanted him to disappear because of the matter and the horse. He said he was on the farm because he was a hero, and he was charged with fraud, signed some documents, but he did not know what he was signing.

First of all, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), as hovodarske Hospodarske said, is the only person two of a personal deal in action h ap apo.


Premier R Andrei Babi in Palermo.

Am I in my young father listening to the shelf?

And it was not just about it. In 2016 ml to buy real estate for 12.5 million crowns. Babi Young was also a pilot of a Boeing 737 aircraft. The qualification of the pilots ended in April 2015. Personally, as mentioned, the deal took place in Ken's case.

According to the medical report, written by psychiatrist Dita Protopofov on the condition of Babi Young, the case can not be hijacked in the event of the offense.

It's because of the burning of the state of mind. Police said in a press release: On this matter, we have to confirm that the investigator in the criminal prosecution case in case the prosecutor was transferred by several instructors to assess the mental state of one of the defendants. This act, in light of the fact that the residence of the defendant is complicated. The police are not required to convict the police on the land of a foreign country, and they communicate and communicate intensively with Polish colleagues.

Babi after the outbreak of the case, he noted that he is very unwilling to comment on the health of his DT. He pointed out that he was ready to live and live life. The question of the health status of mt dt can only be a frivolous zealot, he said. He repeated that Adrian's daughter suffers from bipolar disorder of 20 years.

Two of them said he was mentally ill, and his son Andrew. The hidden conversation, with his son, was the editor of the Lystrophoy, an echo of Heinz. Novini, he said, asked questions to give a fair answer. Nate of a mentally ill hunter, secretly and in this way, disgusting and disgusting, said Primer.

Will they help?

One of the races that have not yet been committed is the accusation of the defendant. The police, during its investigations, managed to take steps to calm the factual status of the defendants.It is outside Interpol and as a result hoped to be in the country, said Adam Cimbala, speaking to the city council of Prague, only to investigate the alleged fraud monitor "From his words it was clear that the young criminal was planning to go to Babi's youth, without the help of the party party, they could not do it now.


Interior Minister Jan Chmek, who is located under his police station, told this line: The police have information on where Andrei Babi is young but must comply with international law and agreements. We work in a situation where the alien is charged with a lawful act.

Did the police fail?

In the server Terovky wrote that alobci again provoke the circumstances in which the star star of Prime Minister Andrei Babie found himself in the Crimea. Police took one case, but this year it was postponed.

Including the so-called A. b ml. (Andrei Babi Jr.) The police arrested her, in this case file of the crime that was not committed. As for the new information, the report will reopen, confirmed to serve but Cimbala, speak to the city council of Prague, only the investigation of the current fraud and hnodo inspection.

Some politicians expressed concern about the police. How are the reporters on the police, not the police? I will ask the PSP R security service to be in charge of the police, the NCOZ and the secret services to explain the complexity, "said Jan Bartok, chairman of the KDU-SL, chairman Lidovki. They are in the process.

Who will take Manal Protopop?

In the current case associated with the vow of Ben and the Prime Minister, play the role of Manel Protopop. Like lkaka and today, a representative of Prague 8, Dita Protopopov and her wife Peter Protopopov, worked for Andrei Baby. She as a guide in the Ministry of Finance, is like Edie for Agrofert.

Peter Protopofov salary from the double behind the secret. From the Internet, he could work from June 2015 for Jato Dynamics and he was always a graphic designer. In Aguppert Babi Young had a bodyguard.

Who wrote the testimony of his son Andrew Baby as a psychiatrist. Protopofov's path was not only a psychiatric affair, but it tried to find a way in politics: in the last elections, the Prague 8 party was in the form of a mayor, but none of the eighteenth-century kaka was with the lieutenant. This is supported by 4789 favorite votes. In the third, or after the event, she announced that she wanted to resign from her representative office in Prague 8.

In addition, she served as a consultant in the Ministry of Health and abroad, and therefore advised the Minister of Finance, Andrei Babi. How do you stand on the ground? Yes is an expert of the Ministry of Health and Good Health to communicate with the EU, is the leading psychiatric reform team in the Czech Republic.

Me fall Vlda?

The opposition parties in the country submitted a request for declarations that were not yet in force. The bodies, which have 92 members, need 101 votes in favor of this move. According to Baby, he was ready to fuck and did not want to resign.

AP after policy

In addition to Babi, the people were stupid in the case of Nope Cast, FO was head of the team.

Police believe that in the middle of 2007, ZZN Agro Pelhimov,The Alps company was removed from possessionSo that a new, separate company can reach the EU subsidy,Because Aggrooper had not had a year. The company subsequently jumped to its holdings after five years.
It's about wickednessDotanho scamAThe financial interests of the EUFascinated by astenstv. The penalty rate for these paragraphs is 5 and 10 years.

The SSD will play a role. SSD Chairman Jan Hamek will meet with Andrei Babi's (YES) premiere in the hall.

According to the LN, as a gateway to the political crisis, today, the reconstruction of the villagers does not involve Babi, or the retreat of coalition members. Jan Chamek, the party's chairman, was at the diplomatic press conference, but he did not take the scene out of the scene, but there is no need for any response.

I will not tell you what's happening to Quillin, it's the prize of the one who will come, "Hamek said after the Coelin," we can not rule out the alternative, "he said.

Babi will tell how he imagines the cooperation of the coalition and the functioning of the coalition, he said. The attitude of the Social Democrats, according to Martin Doyle, an SSD monster, has not changed even by a three-day vice president and a club senator. There is no breakthrough in advancement among companies, Netolick told the paper.

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