Friday , October 7 2022

Black Monday on at Czechaj roads! It was dying behind the wheel and under the wheels of cars


Shortly before noon on Monday, South Moravian rescue boats set off for a collision of three people on Boršovská street in Kyjov. "Only the driver was traveling in each one. The helicopter landed locally with the emergency department crew and the police closed the street and diverted traffic," fire department spokesman Jaroslav Mikoška described the event.

Both drivers were seriously injured and ended up in hospital, the driver was no longer able to help the driver. "Despite all her efforts, the woman could not be saved and perished from her injuries on the spot," Mikoska added. The road was to be crossed again by five in the afternoon.

Shortly before 4pm, another tragic accident occurred near the village of Chlumec in South Bohemia. According to police, the 42-year-old Skoda driver had to leave the road where he swept pedestrians for unknown reasons. Unfortunately, he didn't survive the impact.

The car then hit the tree. "In addition to the driver, two other people were traveling in the vehicle, who were injured in the accident and had to be transported to the hospital for treatment," police spokesman Lenka Krausova said. The police are investigating exactly what happened.

The D1 freeway was not avoided on Monday. A van and a van collided at 5pm on the 149th kilometer towards Prague. Its driver had to be airlifted to Brno Hospital. "The driver of the van was killed in serious injuries," police spokeswoman Jana Kroutilova said after nine in the evening. The freeway was inaccessible in Prague after the accident.


GALLERY: A tragic Monday on the highways

Source: Firefighter from the South Moravian Region, Police from Theio

Black Monday on at Czechaj roads – 4

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