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Bratislava: Slightly different wars have fallen


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The 29-year-old Slovak acorn could have made a big hand over the past period as he was one of the few financially balanced with Slovan last week.

We were the ones we were. The other boys fought in the head for not doing either, saying they wanted to win the fight against the fallen KHL participant.

Compared to Slovakia's infamous end at home world championships, families thrived on a long plane ride to vacation, yet it feels bad, and after a break it turned into a brno.

Leelo vm has long been at the forefront of home world championships, where Slovakia did not advance to the final and finished 9th?
This is a big deal. I don't think we played poorly, we had a lot of luck in the final game. We didn't look Otherwise our performance didn't look stupid.

Buc, Lamper and Mug received the pension

According to Slovakian copper, Slovan Bratislava has debts in the 67th and only in the dark. Only Marek Iliak, Dvid Buc, Patrik Lamper and Tom Hrnka refused to sign the calendar and the pension demanded payment of the duty by August 1, after the debt level limit was set (and the calendar closed) for to be included in the Slovak additional league. He was the most active in his struggle. I presented a fine and all my first ones, he said in an interview for in late May. Canadian golfer Barry Brust said Slavs owed him more than 200 thousand euros, US Tone Jeff Taffe claimed to owe 300 thousand euros.

Did you catch yourself at home?
Kad wanted to go there, he was there too. But … mon, I wasn't in such a split as bvm in Komet when playing the playoffs. I don't know exactly how to describe it. It's coded as it turned out.

Was it in the tha national team?
I don't know if this just got him. The season was fairly current, mainly in Slavs. That was all the other stresses, I didn't know. Then I went to Brno, I started again, but I had enough of the psyche before the World Championship. Tko returns to it.

Theme in m verb supporters created good?
Yes, we enjoyed it, the atmosphere was great. When bag two is back, so our performance is completely bleak.

Remember the end of the game losing duels in full beasts?
It will happen. Otherwise it is in long-term competition, where playing 52 rounds, or when it happens twice daily in a tournament, where in every match something matters.

What did you draw from the World Championship?
After the championship there was some satisfaction, but when I looked at it from afar, I wondered if I would ever go there. Hunter's borehole in heads. The people were excellent in Slovakia; Just then the hunter asks each other, for the animals, as they were when we played well.

In Comets you used to play almost every year and until the end of the competition. Was this also for a new experience that the skins will end up in the semi-finals?
Well first. Mon is also why it took so long. In Slovan, my mood filled, it was extremely bad, the results and everything around. I was used to the maximum ambition in the club from which something was always expected. I thought it was going to leaders in Slavs, but I learned that there is a lot of tk, where there are also extraterrestrial things. I went back to Comet, I started, but Liberec and I fell in the semi-finals. Mon, if we lived, there would have been some kick in the world championship. It was all with each other. The season was weird.


But you cannot honor that people would not warn against Slavs.
They warned, yes, but I thought I could do it. I didn't say it and so. I talked to people I don't want to call, but they worked in a club, and those people said the two-year seasons can't be compared to last season. although there were problems, they were not, and so on. This was an extermination.

You, as one of the few, could name the problem without shortcomings and in public. Did it take a lot of courage?
I tried it from the day and Slovan had enough time to respond. But when no one comes in contact with everything, something has to happen. I'm not the one who likes everything, and I'm glad it was more like that. Maybe you get hit in the head for not having to deal with them and let them blame you for something that, in my opinion, is nonsense.

f Slav: It's a campaign. Someone wants us to not get a license

What do you mean?
The rest received everything. We are paid. Otherwise, they signed the calendar, which in my opinion, to which the calendar calendar is properly constructed. The boys stepped in, but we got the pension.

What led to this?
There have been various victories in the club's mails, from the first, the newspaper stops. From them came everything that pays and we go against the Slavs. But we never opposed him. I was paid in Slovan and the club had enough time to balance their ties. I'm not the one who backs down if I'm in the first one. The oven's mind didn't want Slav to play as they tried to turn it around. I don't want to accuse anyone I care about.

Hockey players from Slovan Bratislava are growing rivals. Capitals enter the scene

Can you go with a little head to the season?
I left it all first, I saw two emails from the Slavs, otherwise he did. I went to Slav when I needed to check the deal that everything was done, I had it checked, I sat in the car and took her to Bratislava to have her. I went there on Wednesday and they met on the executive committee where they needed it. And it went dark a week ago.

Were you surprised that Slovak hrt will be the Slovak Extraliga?
Their competition will pick it up, right? I'm not sure if the name can be completely relaxed, but under it Slavs and people will go for it.

And you have your peace back in Komet.
Sure, I'm home, I see my family every day … even though I left Russia for eight days sometimes it wasn't full of things either. (smv)

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