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Budjovice stopped being a hockey player. Heman with after five years


Budjovick Tonk Martin Heman Slav gl.

| photo: Marek Podhora,

The kind of right past and the kind of service. The ice hockey player of the Engine did not stand in the Brno for the off-season Comet and lost 4: 6. In addition eskobudjovick kdr left est hr.

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It is missing in the Engine. ajdy (nickname Martin Heman) is a grape, it is ice and warrior. I won't forget the first season that Martin showed here with Straka and Nouza in the front row.

So Prime Minister Budjovic's hookah fans commented on pten zuovn kdru. In addition to favorite forward Heman, who went to the Czecha Budjovice piel in 2014, in the dark and end of the ton Milan Daniin, Jan Havel, Jan Tlail and giants Vojtch Doktor and Ondej Kachya.

We were all names, but we had to hurry. After five training sessions, playing against each other and playing two games, we decided on these six names. Martin left a trail here, not easy for him. But the games that stay with us are even better. Definitely not the last cut in the dark, we would drive once, and in tons of adch, changed the assistant dragging Motor Sed Totter.

There are clubs where gambling could go on. They are hosted on other first-team leagues. Doctoral Path can be reached for younger women. Let's think that in the first league some of our names will be. We'll keep watching them because we want to have so much kdr at the end of the season. Some, but some of the games we could get back to the high season, Totter noted.

On Monday, hockey player Eskch Budjovic took home against Pavlodar. Ugh at 17.30.

Budjovit hockey player has two straight duels against the alien. In Milevsk, he lost 1: 2 in Pilsen and 4: 6 in Brno.

On the side was the best kind of aunt where we cooked soup 18: 7, which would not happen in the dark outside. But with a 3: 3 error, we gave Brno a fourth gl and started it. Wrong balance power. The result is not in the pod, but at the same time it's about movement and the like, Totter said.

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