Monday , June 5 2023

Chinese Intelligent Ships Changing Naval Operations Equations


This year's Talisman Saber exercise was recently completed, attended by Australian, American and Japanese troops. The students returned home, as did the Chinese electronic scout ship Dongdiao Class 815G No. 853 "Tianwangxing", or "Uranus".

This advanced smart ship was not the first of its kind to engage in a similar operation. A previous Talisman Saber exercise in 2017, again, closely followed her sister ship # 853 "Haiwangxing", Neptune. Chinese intelligence operations appear to be a new reality on the world's oceans.

Obviously the opportunities of the Chinese navy are increasing and the oceans are slowly shifting their power. The Cold War at Sea has returned, at least in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. China has a growing number of smart ships that can operate at longer distances and for extended periods of time.

During the Cold War, every naval operation and exercise had to keep in mind that the enemy forces would control them and collect any interesting data they could obtain. All therefore tried to hide their marine technologies and methods as much as possible to complicate the intelligent operations of opponents. At that time, they switched on each main device for the shortest time needed to attract the least attention.

The time has changed, but …

After the defeat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War, the situation at sea changed significantly. Disease priorities have been given operational procedures designed to protect their own technology against spies. Now the secret seems to be back.

But today's world is much more complicated than the cold war, and secrecy will be more difficult. Many military technologies operate over long-distance communications, which can be tapped. The problem is that spies have much more powerful sensors and devices, and more computer power.

Perhaps the biggest problem with China is that they have their own interpretation of international law on the sea. All countries in the world agree that a maritime intelligence operation is not carried out in the territorial sea of ​​the coastal state concerned. China, however, claims territorial waters in areas where other states do not recognize it and limits the activities of foreign vessels.

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