Wednesday , October 5 2022

Fines from TV Barrandov –


The presenter, who is also the director of television, criticized the program for companies that receive incentives from the state but also pay money abroad. He called Škoda Car, e.g. According to the board, the show did not give the company room to comment.

"The problem is that there (Soukup) presented fairly selectively certain facts and the company had no opportunity to defend itself," said RRTV's Ivan Krejci.

Television can defend itself against a fine in court.

Barrandov was fined in April, also for imbalance. In My News, Soukup criticized the state contract for Dorland. The claims were presented as facts without the stakeholders commenting. According to RRTV, television has sought to target audiences in the interest of the show's creators. RRTV identified the show as nasty and imposed a fine of CZK 200,000 on television.

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