Friday , June 9 2023

FIRST IMPORTANT: The Hollywood episode is Tarantino as a flea


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In fact, a trip to Hollywood in the late 1960s might be a few times less than the last162 minutes. But on the one hand, it's just as merry, and almost as wild, for Tarantino's data to wipe out as senseless as a guy in the middle of a pirate game about washing his hands and fist wheels.

The Hollywood episode is a really boy game, miles, smells, whispers, simultaneous and heavy, as well as his magically played protagonist, Leonardo DiCaprio as an angry western TV actor for curry and Brad Pitt, or his well-balanced personal actor.

From the breath of the naiveté glory of the series that Tarantino at that time devoured, expert pragmatism, the morsel of a city in which clean hippies stand, a mere careless ride of the murderous act of theater actress Sharon Tate, features her sweet Margot. .

By the way, the first flowers deprive Tarantina of the usual romantic heart for which he would deserve a medal in the time of political correctness, on the other two expressing devotion to the extinct world of pistols, cowboy and even western grace James Bond.

Similar ingenious things this time offered by Tarantino and a delightful crowd, sipping a bag of fine art are perfectly suited in a well-thought-out dramaturgical building, offering dog fodder and horses with a flaming horn in the lap. The main bag of gold-crafted dreamers seems to scare the hunter, who has grown up elsewhere, and with other fairies.

Abbreviation for the professional retractor is as happy as a flea, yet fans of the real Quentin Tarantino may not speak out loud about their traditions, even here understandable. Even in sub-bells, yellow, vicious brutal, original, witty and indescribable words.

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