Thursday , September 29 2022

Fungi are growing! This season is, according to experts, wrong


Herálka's vessels in Žďársko now carry baskets full of mushrooms from the forest every day. Mushrooms and right-handed people. It was raining there and you can see it right in the woods. Fungi begin to grow in Jihlava area, but they appear more in places where there is moisture.

Besides Vysočina, according to mycologists, fungi have already started to grow in southern Bohemia, most of which are found mainly in the Bohemian Forest and then even in the Uherské Hradiště and Šumperk regions. Wherever it rained.

Even where they grow, it is said to be area by area and sometimes forest by forest. Conversely, bad luck due to dry mushroom collectors in southern and northern Moravia and elsewhere in the country.

"From Prague to the north, this is Northwest, North and Eastern Bohemia are very weak in this growth fungus," said President of the Czecha Mycological Society Jaroslav Landa.

In addition to a few fungal species, mainly fungi and pigeons are now grown. According to mycologists, the fungal season could start in full days due to rainy weather.

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