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Government cuts threaten social welfare, warn organizations –


For example, the capital of Prague received only 17 million subsidies for the provision of general social work this year, while the necessary amount to cover all services is about 90 million. Milena Johnova, the Prague's adviser, told the Prague about the situation she said was critical.

"Maláčová Minister (Jana Maláčová, LabSSinistr de ČSSD – red Ed.) told us last week that the government certainly did not have the co-financing of this year's diminution, and that next year the municipalities should not have subsidies for carrying out social work with adults. In addition, the government has reduced 250 million subsidies for the social and legal protection of children and plans reductions of up to 50 percent for the coming year, "said John John.

Reducing subsidies by half can cause a significant risk that thousands of children will remain without help.Milena John, the Prague for yourself

Specifically, the social care departments (OSPOD), who pay social workers who are not enough with them, would lose their money.

"Last year just over 9,000 misused, abused or neglected children have been protected by OSPOD. There is no way to apologize it, cutting half-subsidies can cause a significant risk that thousands of children will be out of help, "said Juan, who said she was in danger of getting ridiculed.

Minister Jana Maláčová (ČSSD) said for Lidové noviny that until now it is only the government's internal budget negotiations and that it will fight for money in its resort.

Non-profit organizations also dislike the cuttings. For example, Sananim, who deals with drug trafficking, has received nearly three million fewer subsidies from the MLSA than last year.

"Due to the fact that these are unique residential facilities, it is neither possible nor ethically allowed that medical resocialization programs should be interrupted for two months or only reduced to healthy services," said Sananim Agáta Jankovská's leader.

Finance Minister Alena Schiller (ANO) said she wanted inventory of these cost-effective expenses for the MoLSA, so that the budget could be completed.

Home care is also a problem

Almost before the collapse is also reported domestic treatment, also due to lack of funds. Several organizations pointed out by the Minister Adam Vojtěch (ANO) about this open letter. They point out that in comparison with nurses in the hospital, whose average salary is CZK 43,000, a nurse in domestic care will receive around 25,000 CZK. Home doctors are paid for the repayment of healthcare companies.

"This is a clear mocking of our nurses' professional work and will certainly not assure the stability of the domestic medical segment. It is also necessary to face the current situation when domestic healing collapses due to the difficult decree of repayment of previous years," the letter says, who is the Association of Domestic Attentions from Everywhere, a Republic, Caritas At the Andean Republic and other organizations.

"If it were not for home care, the state should build at least ten other hospitals that should take great care of these patients when domestic healing would collapse," home careers are writing to the minister.

After its arrival, Vojtěch stated that the development of home care is its priority, but according to the current declaration of the Health Ministry, home managers must agree to increase payments with insurance companies themselves.

"The Health Ministry has been aware that domestic care has been severely undefined in the past. However, in 2018, under the direction of Minister Adam Vojtěch, the Health Ministry has stated clearly that it will not favor any segment over others and emphasized the conclusion of agreements between suppliers and sanctions, "spokesman Gabriela Štěpanyová told the Prava.

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