Friday , August 12 2022

Harry and Meghan packed their bags: Escape Abroad and Archie!


Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan took Archie's three-month-old son abroad. According to available information, this happened on his mother's recent birthday. Where did the steps of the popular couple lead?

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have been doing some speculation for months. British newspaper The Sun reports on their website that they were taken by Archie to Ibiza, Spain, where they spent five days celebrating the duchy's 38th birthday on 4 August. The information comes from sources in the local media.

"There were no pictures of the Duke and Duchess Sussex or Archie," all staying in the villa away from all cameras. They were traveling with their own security guards, local security forces were not needed, "the Majorca Daily Bulletin said.

Fabulous Digital contacted the Royal Family Press Section, but declined to comment. In any case, there are indications that this might be true. For example, Duchess Meghan was very fond of Ibiza; she spent a few days with her friends here in 2016, when she met Prince Harry.

So far, it was predicted that Archie's first trip abroad would be officially confirmed by the couple's tour of Africa in October. It would take two weeks for Meghan and Harry to visit several countries.

Archie first left the UK after just three months of birth. He came into the world on May 6 this year at the London Hospital in Portland.

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