Friday , June 9 2023

Here he made a Bread Roll for the whole of Prague. Now the famous bakeries are gone


However, since 1995 bread has not been baked here. Metrostav Development is the new owner of the land and plans to build a new district here. But before the demolition began, the company held an open day and took one last look at the dilapidated buildings.

Of particular interest is the administrative building, which is now a cultural monument. This means it must be maintained and will not be the only offering residential units. Completely original in the building are just windows and a spiral staircase that led to the company headquarters on the first floor. The staff on the other floors had to walk to the side of the building.

The building of the former mill was not declared a landmark, as it underwent a complete reconstruction in 1975–1983. However, it is a considerable architectural work with a characteristic brick roof and therefore the façade will be preserved.

The fireplace remains

The total area is 5.5 hectares. In addition to revamping the office building and maintaining the front of the front mill, there will also be rail and rails and a fireplace.

“The purpose of revitalization is to use the potential of the territory to build on the industrial past of the place. Local residents were also involved in preparing the revitalization proposal. The "Bake Together" campaign regularly informs the public about the preparation of the project and notes what the needs of the population could be accomplished after revitalization, "said Metrostav Development Director General Ondřej Buršík.

The company will present the revival proposal on September 12. A public consultation on the project will then be launched. It will be possible to post comments on the use of public spaces or the lack of civic amenities for a period of three weeks.

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