Monday , June 5 2023

I'm a Captain Demo in Skirts, to Berenika Kohout's year girl


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Congratulations for the fierce single and the ultimate clip. For backups?
Because mm works at the bar and then long nails. Or I climb people, that is to say, guys, and then I choose the most timid and beginning. Tlachn m in pubs no.

Slym in t Great Impact Demo. How does your cooperation look like?
We have good chemistry together, and so it works, but the rest of the songs is enough yin. The single special will be so simple and big ballad in. And all the letters in the album will be mine.

Is the lyrics personal?
I am not an artist who catches mosa and when a day would get new ropes. I have to push enough and the music is the most inspiring. I will reveal the atmosphere, that is, and then design it with the text.

When the skin pressed to the board?
I always wanted a card and a singer of words. I had a lot of obesity with the tm, I needed to make sure that I was. Mm behind the jazz album. Not that I would not do it, but it's not for a country that would totally characterize it. And it did not wake up the reaction of the people who were sorry. There was no explosion of music for billions. But I'm fun with Emil Viklick! The new board has another energy. I would like to enjoy it and my friends. It is now, I guess people feel that there is a bit of Captain Demo in their skirts, and we'll be a bit surprised.

Be careful about new creations, even when you do not listen to music yourself? Have you not changed any dog?
I do not know if I am inaccurate and flemish, but all that Jirka has brought to me, I loved. I guess I'm a little bit important, and so we can do well. I do not need to dig out long. I am not afraid of returning to them and singing them, in creating or in general. Have fun experimenting and experimenting. If he had brought a bolt band, he would say that we would do it too.

The Girl of the Year album will be released in autumn. What will be dl?
Well, let me tell you what the song is when the album is released.

In most cases she goes to the turn.
So it will be In the fall we will have a concert, a turn, and during the year he has given concerts and in the festivals.

Berenika Kohoutov – Dlm stojky

U mte chapela?
Jirka has built it for me, but I have to meet the boys. I hope it works. However, he promised that the concert would take place on the bicycle, so that he could drive out the box and get a little more free. I'll be calm with it. Nothing to go to a clip that I want with a sister movie, as well as many.

You for the year's discovery at Andels?
Instead, I try to become the new category Girl of the Year!

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