Wednesday , January 27 2021 on Black Friday: big suppliers can no longer rely on

• November 18, 2018

One of Casa's largest online stores expands the delivery of its merchandise to customers under the name Comfort and its supply chain. It is responding to the reduction of services from key suppliers and the Czech Republic Post, which annually causes black Friday attacks in pre-Christmas shopping.

"Large contractors and post offices are not 100% reliable in terms of the great interest of customers, so we decided, especially for larger packages, to intervene more in our lead of convenience, not only to provide great electronics but also to engage in large electronics." cz Communication Director Andrea Jankovcová. predicts a significant rise in Black Friday sales, which will reach its peak on Friday, November 23rd. It estimates up to three times the increase in sales in the current period. Sales on an annual basis will grow by 35%. Black Friday expects mobile phones, laptops and small products to be expected to be coffee machines, kitchen robots and body care products. will pay selected branches up to three times a day seven days a week in the pre-Christmas period. The number of shops KasaPOINT has increased from 90-120 this year, allowing more customers to serve than last year. Customer growth is estimated at 28%. Free KasaPOINTs.

From the main warehouse they will send up to 120 cars every day. It also increased the number of warehouses by about 40%.

Thanks to the "Noble Gifts" service, customers can purchase their products from October 22 to December 24 for free, until January 13, 2019.

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