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Libor Bouek got married. Twisted nm inches, wavy


Gabriela Bendov and Libor Bouek

| photo: Libor Bouek

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The family is the absolute foundation of any society. In the concept of the two is about a family, on which a solid man and woman meet. Family declared and officially confirmed by the wedding. Consider a family so important that it is worth fighting for it even when others are skeptical. After all, it is the family that has consisted of municipalities, cities and lands for thousands of years. And I don't know if we should change it as a contemporary, Bouek started his Instagram post.

August 17, 2019 at 3:35 pm, pspvek archivovna: August 17, 2019 at 5:01 pm

I'm glad we were seen as husbands today. It was moving, cheerful, family, the food was enough and the official partner and supporter were the families we came from. It has not been the most beautiful day of our relationship since you are just arriving, because this moment is just a way of arresting a path, a path that may not always be long and will go down. We both. But still – grind nm. Love is the greatest in the world. Boukovi As of today, the moderator closed attached a recent wedding photography.

Libor Bouek. was invigorated in the tattoo. His first wife was Slovak moderator Mariana urianov (42), the marriage bag lasted only a year. In 2009, he married first year tennis player Jana Hlavková (38). The divorce was announced after all these years.

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