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Master of photography with great price. Honor Review 20 Pro


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A ride in June seemed like the duo model Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro are candidates for the title of bad luck of the year. Two days before the show, a business wolf broke out between her and the United States, and Huawei, along with her daughter Honor, took on the challenge of losing official support for the Android operating system. tm).

However, you relaxed in the situation and almost bet on its original state. Android will bite so there is no reason to doubt this manufacturer's models. After all, it would be a big deal, as the Honor 20 Pro is a great smartphone, which due to the late launch of the launch has significantly reduced the price of the original full, which makes it one of the most notable offers on the market today. Will there be compromises?

Will I Honor 20 Pro Lbit?

We will probably repeat this test a lot, because Honor 20 For this I have a lot along with her tried base version (more in the text It's a bad luck, but also a great smartphone. Review Honor 20). The look and dimensions are very similar in some ways, but the Pro version has curvature, too, so it's better to hold hands. Glass on the walls complements the metal frame. Highly efficient light reflections in our proven blue variants, the phone is also in purple.

Even in this case, Honor praise for minimizing the arms around the screen. Placed his stroke on the sides and above the screen, his chin below it is slightly irrational, but for a very long time still very thin. The front of the camera is hidden in the copper toe in the upper left corner. The ring for the camera itself is about the same size as the simultaneous premium peer, one of the smaller ones. You can also hide it with the help of metal wallpapers that keep the eye of the flame and parrot from the front of the camera, and there are reasons.

Honor 20
Honor 20

The phone has to take care of the look of a really high-rise rear of the camera. Yes, on the one hand, it really is one of the best photo movers of the time, but from an aesthetic point of view the module did not rise too well, we would prefer something decent. And it doesn't even get a periscope picture on the phone, which would take up more city.

The IPS screen itself is 6.26 inches wide and has a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels. There was a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio and the lid was glued. The screen is very colorful, sharp and clear in direct sunlight. There is really nothing to blame for the phone.

What about power and equipment?

The Kirin 980's own propulsion processor along with 8 GB of memory. This processor has served four generations of different top models (Autumn Mate 20 Pro, December Honor View 20, the new Huaweie P30 and P30 Pro, and now both new honors) and not the strongest of the power line at power.

Because the Honor 20 Pro retails at half the price of conventional premium pieces, the bag only has 290k points on the AnTuT performance test. At a price similar to toti stle, you will find models on the market using medium size processors.

The internal storage capacity of 256 GB, which is the final value, is not supported by the microSD card. We would be surprised if this memory option doesn't please anyone, 256 GB is still a very tdr value. No need to mourn the missing memory, and you can use two SIMs without compromising on your memory.

Honor 20
Honor 20

In the plug connectors we cut the headphone jack, you just need to use the USB-C connector. NFC in the mill equipment. The fingerprint is located on the side, on the button to wake up the screen. It is very precise and fast, it fits almost any non-modern solutions on the screen, just not such a charm effect.

After the software, let’s get the Magic Graphics extension that Honor wants to differentiate from the classic EMUI Huawei. In practice, however, there are no differences. You'll also find a similar customized menu, dedicated homepage with smart cards and apps on the rest of them. The phone is a full-fledged app beyond the standard equipment, there are various tips and tricks on the phone's functionality and functionality, its own app store, proper app, note-taking app, device manager, and the popular Fortnite game.

Honor 20
Honor 20

The phone has the Android 9.0 operating system and as we wrote, we don't have to be updated, the threat of discontinuing collaboration with Google seems to have passed.

Honor has also developed special features such as the in-game GPU Turbo feature to improve in-game performance (which is why Fortnite is pre-installed here) and Virtual 9.1 Surround Sound's enhanced voice production.

Solid battery power provides a 4000mAh battery, which also supports 22.5W speed charging. In practice, this means a two-day vdr for common users, a game like pre-installed Fortnite still lasting at least one day, even by a small margin.

How to Honor 20 Pro Photos?

Honor 20 Pro kadopdn is especially interesting with his photo paper. First, some general information: the basic 48MPix sense illumination of f / 1.4, plus optical image stabilization. It is complemented by the irokohl 16MPix sensor with a collection of 117 degrees and lightness f / 2.2. It follows 3X optical zoom, 8MPix resolution, f / 2.4 aperture, optical stabilization and 5X hybrid zoom and 30x digital zoom. This will then close the 2MPix macro.

Photos after
Photos after
Photos after
Photos after

Left always: irokohl, standard, 3x zoom and 5 image photos

DxOMark gained a high of 111 points and thus ranked pku, tsn under the Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Theoretically, it is essentially one of the best photo movers of the present, which we have to confirm, Honor 20 Pro is not really afraid of a competitor.

Especially photos of the main images with excellent lightweight feel are often very good, there is no sharpness, contrast and word color. Here and there it seems that the phone can and has aggressively sharpened some of the details, but otherwise we have to take this photo with only a few real reminders.

Triple zoom lets you zoom in, for example, in zoom mode, still relatively sharp photos. We would rather not go with the bag. wide snow in good light hilarity pictures (with quite a noticeable distortion of the image, after all, just like everyone else), in the deterioration of light conditions, but not enough, appears in the art.

Honor 20 Pro can perform video and in 4K resolution. The front camera has a resolution of 32 MPix and aperture f / 2.0. This is, by some means, a parameter it shares with the inexpensive Honor 20 and 20 Lite models.

Mm you Honor 20 Pro podit?

When Honor announced in London that the 20 Pro would cost 599 euros, or about 15.5 thousand crowns, the price was quite reasonable, although we hoped it might be a little lower. Considering the early start of the stock market, Honor decided not to risk anyone and set the price at a whopping 12,990 crowns, ie. two and a half thousand, not as much as we expected.

Here we can see that the premium models should not exceed 20, or even 15 thousand crowns. Honor has shown that it is cheap and commercial. This smartphone has more power, real memory, modern appearance, good battery power and great photos. We can only compromise on the missing audio jack and memory card.

There is still competition to be found. Honor is not the only manufacturer who has realized that the top model can sell cheap. Xiaomi, for example, has its peak Mi 9 only a thousand crowns and its advantage is the state-of-the-art Snapdragon 855. For your own sake, you can find similar supercharged equipment on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which managed to get a discount of 13,990 CZK. Respect me but compared to you a little jump.

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