Sunday , January 24 2021

Michal David feels terrorized: it's enough and it's about millions invested! –

Michal David made a luxurious guest house for a few years ago in the Canary Islands. But now the Tenerife of Spain threatens huge waves that swept northward and damaged some houses on the coast.

So it's not a surprise that a favorite composer fears his interesting summer nest. "We've traveled the weather all the time, and we hope it will not come from the north to the south of Tenerife. Until now, it's only wind, otherwise it's good … But tomorrow I'll be in the place, so I You will find the house well and it will be fine, "said David, who still feels the weather that is gracious to his property.

It is clear that the luxury home is certainly assured, but the insurance does not replace the people full of it. One thing is financial value and a second emotion that can not compensate for money … This is known, for example, by the American singer Miley Cyrus (25) and other Hollywood stars, who, like many other people, came to California for her luxurious homes during the devastating fire.

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