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Miley Cyrusov broke up with Liam Hemsworth


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Both remain devoted to the devotees they care for, as they have lovingly filled this time for themselves when they are separated, he added.

US singer Miley Cyrusov and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth split after eight months of marriage. They were married last December after a nine-year relationship with several breaks.

Recently, the drunk singer claimed that after drinking in California during November's rematch in Malibu, the husband was better than ever. When I saw Liam save our invitations from the dark pores and make it all so special, I realized that I love him more than ever, Cyrusov said.

I think for many people I'm very confused about getting married. But my relationship with Liam is intercepted. I don't know if I'm letting people look at it, because it's so complicated and so modern and so new that I'm not sure we're so socially settled that people understand it, lit in July in an interview for the American magazine. She.

Do people really think I'm at home on the wall and alas? I am in a hetero relationship, but under my sex very attracted. I myself decided for this partner. Liam is a hunter who always covers me and supports me But I certainly don't fall into the typical idea of ​​a wife. I don't like that word either, added Kiroso.

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So recently, she announced that she won't even have children, because she doesn't want her child to be raised on a destroyed planet. Until I was sure she would be on Earth where fish would usually be able to swim in the water, I wouldn't want to space another hunter into this world, she explained.

Miley Cyrusov and Liam Hemsworth met each other in 2009 when they filmed the romantic movie The Last Dog. Following the promises in 2013, they split. Three years ago in the spring, they reunited again, and Hemsworth shook hands with the American star.

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