Monday , June 5 2023

Motorists sent a record dividend abroad, 78 billion from Czechia


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Hyundai sent about $ 7.5 billion to a South Korean owner, and the Japanese-French owner of Toyota Peugeot Citron Automobile (TPCA) totaled about $ 260 million.

The result of the outflow of dividends is mainly in the case of the German central investment concern in electromobility research, said E15 general manager Sdruen Automotive Industry Zdenk Petzl.

Auto code did not comment on paying the Volkswagen dividend to the equivalent of nearly double the profit for 2017. Leton did not publish a dividend offer. Dividend information paid out of the 2018 profit will be released in 2020, said driver Kamila Biddle.

According to Luke Kovanda, economist at Czecha Foundation, drivers have no reason to invest in At Theio. You need your pension elsewhere. Either it is for political reasons allowed to produce electric cars in the home country, or for economic reasons to produce in the country, its work is cheaper than in Czechia, Kovanda concluded.

The domestic auto industry accounts for 26 percent of the manufacturing industry and 23 percent of R.'s exports. With one aunt, R&D invests in research and development. Sales of home automobiles and suppliers last year increased 0.8 percent to a record 1.102 trillion. Of which Finnish manufacturers spent 617.5 billion K, ie 0.6 percent more than in the previous year. This information was published in June by the Sdruen automotive industry.

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