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Niki Lauda rode a sports car, for a family he had a stake. Its name is Ferrari or Alfa Romeo


The Formula 1-triple champion had weakness for flying, but cars were his passion. Do you know what cars he owns? And who are named after the Austrian competitor?

A sad message circulated around the whole car world today. At the age of 70, Niki Lauda, ​​the former Austrian rider and triple champion of Formula 1, has left us forever. He won championship titles in 1975, 1977 and 1984, earning a total of 25 races and 54x podiums.

In addition to the great achievements, people know him well because of the huge accident in 1976 when he almost burned his Nürburgring in his Ferrari. The doctors did not wait much, but Lauda survived and even returned to Formula 1 to get more success. However, due to the collision he removed the damaged lungs and severe burns in other parts of the body, and also had facial surgery. In August last year, he jumped up, with consequences until the last days.

Aviation and respectable collection of cars

It is not a secret that the Austrian pilot had a weakness of flying, from which he made his own business after leaving Formula 1. He became a pilot and owner of Lauda Air, which he later sold to Austrian Airlines. He did not resign and in 2003 he returned with the Niki airline. Later, Air Berlin became the owner and bankrupt two years ago and Laud's company broke bankruptcy.

Although Lauda loved flying and rushed in innumerable running circuits for his life, he also liked to ride on normal traffic. His extraordinarily diverse collection of cars responds to that. For example Champion F1 owned Ferrari F40, The Ferrari 288 GTO, The BMW E9 3.0CSL or Lotus europe.

In recent years, Lauda was primarily in charge of silver arrows, he was Formula 1 champion and accredited personality through the field of sport. In 2017 he described his fleet with a smile on his face: "My plan was to make class E to class C. Well, now I have GT S. And the next car? GLE Coupe. I like GT S because it works like an ordinary car. When I go from an office to an airport in a comfortable mode, it is with reasonable consumption. And when I go out of Vienna, I will choose a way that is adapted to me and enjoy excellent sound and acceleration, " Lauda explained.

But the family had a much larger and more extensive car. "The family in Vienna has Class Mercedes Gthat a woman will like when children ride. But they prefer GTS again. When I gather them from a kindergarten, they say I'll read it, " He spoke years before his youngest Mia and Max, nine years old. When Lauda wanted to rest, he went to Ibiza, where he usually traveled Land Rover Defender.

Italian machines as a tribute

Lauda had two more interesting machines in their collection, which definitely deserve mention. They are dedicated directly to the Austrian competitor. The first is Ferrari 458 Italy Niki Lauda. The idea was made by the auto producer itself through the tailored program, at the request of a fan who wanted to pay tribute to the legend of Formula 1. The car differs only in appearance compared to the serial version, it has a special painting or an Italian tricycle on the roof.

And the second such car is Alfa Romeo Spider Niki Load Edition Lauda worked for four years in Ferrari, but the relationship between the Austrian rider and the Italian team began to decline. The team's driver blamed himself after the Nürburgring accident that he was the first to go to the next race instead. Again, Ferrari did not like the Lauda decision of the Japanese Grand Prix of 1976 when his rainy conditions were too dangerous for him and he decided to voluntarily retire, which cost him the title, due to the investment of James Hunt's rival.

The co-operation lasted one more year, when Lauda won the second world championship title and later joined the Brabham Alfa Romeo team. These Italians valued their new faces so much that they even donated their own edition of the successful Alfa Romeo Spider. See, the limit is only minimal, you can recognize it, for example, thanks to a number of tags or a special post address. Some 350 pieces were created, Lauda himself was the first to go ahead at the premiere in Long Beach in 1978.

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