Sunday , January 29 2023

No protection and 35 meters above the water. The rope walker crosses Vltava


A 35-year-old artist from the French ensemble Cie Basinga came across the Vltava River from the Faculty of Law building. A rope walk at St. Mary Magdalene's Chapel will end the 350-meter-long hike on a rope stretched near Čech Bridge.

"No matter how high or how long the rope is, I always take it as something new, as a new opportunity. I think I'm lucky to be in a new place, in a new environment. Look at the new landscape and the new audiences," Bongonga said to News ahead of the show, believing she won't swim in the Vltava River.

Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga has been a string player since she was nine and has taught at the top masters of her craft, such as Tony Gardin, Didier Pasquette, Rudy Omankovsky or Isabelle Brisset. She performed at the opening ceremony of the Pan-African Festival in Algeria or at the World Circus Festival of Tomorrow, where her father accompanied her on guitar.

The opening of the Letná summer festival continues with several outdoor performances and a concert, it is free for visitors. The festival will run until the end of August and will feature both outdoor and Czechain ensembles of the new circus stage.

The rope walker crosses the rope of Vltava. At a height of 35 meters above the ground one will walk without protection

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