Monday , June 5 2023

Slave winner at a football funeral. Never again! asks Trpišovský


Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Everyone was poor. Most likely the winner of a single goal. He did not get the traditional burst of enthusiasm from the stands for the winning shot.

"A man is happy with purpose, but he does not celebrate so much. There is no euphoria as if there were twelve or fifteen thousand people coming in. Strange, training atmosphere, as it all sounds. To open the stadium again," Lukáš Masopust describes his impressions of a strange match.

As a preliminary match in Austria

Spartan coach Vaclav Jilek described that the match without spectators was much worse at Letna than he expected.

His colleagues at Eden were also embarrassed.

The title contender has to do without fans in the match with Liberec for disciplinary punishment.

Ondřej Deml, ČTK

"The only ones who are happy are mine and the cords of Hofť (Freedom coach Pavel Hoftych). Otherwise it is terribly sad, such a football mourning. Like the preparatory match in Austria, simply without people," shakes his head Jindřich Trpišovský, Slavian coach.

"I have to thank our sponsors and VIP guests for being able to cheer for loud cheer. At the same time, they took VIP guests from Slavia. Thanks to great acoustics at the stadium and sponsors at least a bit of an atmosphere," says his compatriot Liberec , Pavel Hoftych.

Everyone suffers from a few individuals

Slavia blamed her for blaming some hooligans who threw into the hospitality sector of pyrotechnics in their previous home game against Olomouc. Only a handful of honorary ticket holders entered the gallery.

"We are punished around football, mostly players. And seventeen eighteen thousand people who could be found in the auditorium. I hope something like this will never happen again, because we are all suffering from some individuals," says Trpišovský.

He didn't even feel like he was in the league. "Basically, we have forbidden people to come to football. We play for them, for the atmosphere. I experienced the stadium closed for the first time and I hope it will be the last," Trpišovský wishes.

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