Sunday , May 28 2023

Slavia on the line, Barrows in Caliber or King of the Lost. The league is on the turn


And Stimil Wask, Right

The new model begins, one seat escapes in the EP – Everyone is practicing the new gaming model. The league will be divided into three groups after the 30th round and will continue with the superstructure. At the same time, the Czech Republic is in danger of losing one place in the European Cup where there are now five seats. Pilsen, Slavia and Jablonec are waiting for a big jump to support the significance of the new home competition model by keeping five seats in the cups.

Slavia has the biggest drawing on the gate (and title) – They have the most difficult and biggest rogue plan, but the League stacked the most goals, at least they collected and they lead the table two points before Plze ושב and seven before Sparta. Slavia simply shows the biggest move at the goal during the fall, so he is also the most favorite to win the championship title.

Pilsen lost to Kremensik, holding her 1-0 victory – In place of the transfer of life, remains sour Krmenčík in Pilsen to play the Champions League. Now he was badly wounded and a big problem arose. The game is far from convincing as before. The points most often collect the 1-0 win, which you have already scored eight times!

Sparta for the first time, but it's complicated out there– After more than two years, Sparta heated up again. Just for a moment, a series of three defeats in the outer games behind her quickly took the illusion that she had a big team again. He's too tame on the opponents' playing field, and he's still fragile, but he does not give up his title.

Barvis had a mean punishment – There is no great legend beyond the Lebanese grass than Captain Bunick. The big decline occurred when the international Barros in the duel with Slavií received a red card for the raw game and then fired on the judges. He stopped for five matches and a fine, threatening to ban the beginning of the nine months …

Average videos are 129 seconds – Policies are constantly chasing, but the use of video casts the way that can not be withdrawn. Statistics match the global average. The confirmation of a judgment on the court takes about 17 seconds in the carriage, if the game is interrupted and the video is scanned, it waits an average of 129 seconds.

Large visits are no exception– During the first 15 rounds, over 10,000 spectators met at 23 stadiums. The highest number of 10,000 league visits in the middle of the competition was the last time 39 years ago in the 1979/80 season (at the same time 26).

The league is both for grandparents and for boys – The age limit has changed again. Opavský matador He entered at age 40 for 5 months He became the oldest player ever to score in the league, 39-year-old Pribram Skácel again the oldest penalty. On the other hand, Hlozek is 16 years old and 3 months the youngest player in the Sparta League history.

The newly married couple hits the crown of the Jurassic King – When he started in Librec, he came in such a miserable situation that he had the last goal with goalkeepers in preparation. Mladoboleslavsky trouble Komličenko, however, went a long way, after the wedding he calmed down and with twelve interventions he was the leader of the shooter's table.

Three goals a month but one goal – The competition has just begun, but the debutant League of Ducale is experiencing black August. Defender Chlumecky, within a few weeks, has three times into his network. The three patriots did five rounds of introductions, and the fourth in the league. A record for each season is only three goals.

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