Friday , June 9 2023

StarDance accompanies injury! Will Hanuš repeat the "Kop" scene?


The demanding StarDance dance contest is under way, for example Václav Kopta retired last year due to health problems before the show began. There is now the danger of a repeat of last year's screenplay by actor Miroslav Hanuš.

In July, At Television Television introduced all the contestants who will compete for the title of King and Queen of the dance floor at StarDance this fall. But it can never rule out a repeat of last year's scenario, when Vaclav Kopta deprived himself of his participation in the training injury contest.

A question mark was hung during the start of one of the participants this year. "We have the fourth training out of ten, the first three dropped out before they started, because I believed I was running a little and stretched my leg," actor Miroslav Hanus described his health problems to

Fortunately, he obeyed the doctor and ordered peace. "I offered a Croatian holiday for this, got my foot up and did nothing," the favorite actor revealed, investing in preparations that would ease his troubles.

But then, when he wanted to get into training, he had other health problems. "Then I ran away again, because I was vomiting for three days," said Hanus, who is now at full load.

Actors Veronika Kubarova and Matous Ruml, biathlete Gabriela Koukalova, singer-songwriter Xindl X, youtuber Karel Kovar alias Kovy, TV presenter Nora Fridrichova, singer Tonya Graves, writer Radka Trestikova, fisherman Jakub Vagner and Miroslav Hanus will perform at the dance.

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