Monday , June 21 2021

Sting and Shragim brought Prague hits and reggae

The long queue, set up before Parma Karlin on Friday night, began running for eight and a half hours, half an hour before the concert began. But the frozen fans entered the hallway, and with a musical evaluation they starved for the third time of the evening. The British composer, vocalist, bass player and soul music and body Sting returned to Prague after a year and a half, where he also invited Rapper Amike Shaggy. And together with the six accompanying musicians, they performed an energetic show full of reggae and classic sting, back to the police.

Sting, who has already celebrated his 60th birthday a month ago, is not afraid to experiment. On the contrary, he is looking for new musical paths, but he remains himself. When he joined Shaggy past, they just planned to record musical gestures on the Caribbean sounds in a song Do not make me wait. The collaboration of musicians, which combines reggae love and the country in which this style is popular music, has enough fun to record the entire album and go on a joint tour. They called them 44/876 according to the telephone preferences of the UK and Jamaica.

Rock ballads, double sound rap and fine

It was not just a combination of numbers. The Prague concert proved to be a perfect combination of genres and characters. Musicians led by Sting behind the microphone and bass and colorful dancing Shaggym with the microphone in hand concert began with a hit English in New York, Is occasionally changed in a predictable manner Jamaica in New York City. The hits Sting has at his expense with a beautiful line have replaced the songs from the new album "Krivi" interwoven with Raffi Shaggy and the guiding audience under the reggae rhythm. The audience met Message in a bottle, Every little thing is making it a charm, Every breath you take, Rose in the desert, gold fields And other hits. These were often special with Shaggy's rap decoration.

While Sting went uncompromisingly and respectfully from one poem to the next, which the fifty-year-old Shaggy embraced enthusiastically as an entertainer. He constantly called on the audience to cooperate, dance and cheer. In the song Curved wood He put on his robe and put on his wig to condemn Sting with a striped prank for the unforgivable sins in the theater. Sting again proved that although the vocal range was already moving a little, the beautiful color of the voice and the ability to catch his song songs and hold on in one long tone, he was not willing to give up. Shaggy again showed how many words he could say at the pace of one verse, chanting women in the audience and placing the role of the immaculate doorman. Still, he was able to adapt to a more double singing, which he sang with his British counterpart, for example fragile.

When the musical energy was gradually transferred to the audience, the atmosphere in the hall became stronger. After Sting introduced his musicians, including, in addition to Shaggy, two guitarists, a drummer, a keyboardist and two great singers, each of whom was their solo, they had to come twice on the stand. Yes, as Sting sang So lonely, Welcome to the display of two men.


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