Friday , October 7 2022

That was hell! A guy from the supermarket excited the president and immediately won the contract


How do you get a president to sign a contract with you in the world's most watched MMA organization? Do something interesting in the cage to enchant and take your breath away. This is how the two fighters decorated their Tuesday night series of Dana White. Two knees jumped in Las Vegas and the UFC boss got excited.

Facebook: Aalon Cross

Twenty-nine-year-old Aalon Cruz applied for a contract in such a style that Dana White, who sat near the cage, was ecstatic for some time. Cruz went to the net immediately after the win and gestured to see if he would sign a contract with him. Blanco immediately agreed and took the American under his wing.

He will now fight in the UFC, as he came to the test as a supermarket clerk, and earn extra money guarding dogs. This chapter of life is probably over for him.

Alex Camur introduced himself, who also shot his knee and then conquered Fabio Cherea on the ground. He also won a contract in the UFC. Dana White is said to have called immediately after the match, live. He should have called him Stipe Miocic, the personal MMA. The thirty-six-year-old wrestler for Camura praised, praising his coaching partner.

A total of five duels took place in Las Vegas from Tuesday to Wednesday, and four wrestlers won a UFC contract. Michal Martínek also had a chance, but he lost his heavy fight in the first round, when he wasn't good enough for Rodrigo Nasciment Ferreira from Brazil.

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