Saturday , April 1 2023

The drunk driver was pursuing a false medical report


While Najnar ended up on Friday in Domažlice court as accused of misusing a false medical report, Vondra avoided criminal sanctions and will settle the at thean medical ward. The police have not demonstrated that he will publish a report intended to help Najnar avoid punishment for drunk driving. He said he did not know that Najnar wanted to use the message to get out of his own trouble.

"The defendant presented to the police a medical report that demonstrated a medical examination of a 58-year-old woman, although he knew she had not passed such an examination. His medical report was supposed to justify why he was driving under the influence of alcohol," the prosecutor said. According to her, this report was provided by a doctor at the request of the defendant. "He provided her with details of the examination performed and signed without personally seeing and physically examining the patient," the petitioner added.

Najnara police stopped at Mezholez in Domažlice. His work colleague, Alice Š, was sitting with him in the car. The injured man was injured by a cow that pushed her to the metal barriers while chasing her to parliament.

Report without inspection

"After the accident, I told Mr. Najnar that my hand was sore. He didn't even ask me if I was going to the doctor. He took me home and the police stopped us on the way," said the witness. About a week ago, Najnar told her he had a medical report on her. "He said it might help him. I didn't ask for details," the woman added.

The judge delayed the hearing because she wanted to hear the doctor. He said during the inquest that Najnar contacted him saying she had a problem with a worker who had an accident at work.

"He asked me that he needed proof that I was dealing with her. He gave me his nationality and described the problems the woman had after the accident. So I pointed it out and gave it to him. At the same time, I asked him to bring me in physically to show me as soon as possible, to make sure the report was well written. "I haven't seen him since," Vondra told police at the interrogation.

He said he knew he was doing the wrong thing. "But I did not endanger anyone's health or life, and I did not cause harm to anyone," the doctor added.

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