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The earth was the most powerful console. The manufacturer is silent


The ambition was a novelty called Mad Box really big. She wanted to compete with established Xbox TV systems from Microsoft or Sony PlayStation, which she wanted to hit particularly hard on performance. As mentioned above, it was supposed to be the most powerful video game console in the world.

While it may not seem at first sight, Slightly Mad is a truly resonant name in the game world. This game studio is behind both parts of the famous car simulator. As Variety pointed out, this London-based company has already made history from Test Drive: Legends of Ferrari Racing and Need for Speed: Change 1 and 2.

Crazy Box Design

Photo: ar archiveivo of creators

4K gaming and virtual reality

Although the creators were hardly experienced with their own hardware, their announcement of work on the new console was not taken lightly. Especially considering that the Crazy Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ian Bell published the first concepts of what the novelty might look like.

"What is Mad Box, It's the most powerful console ever built. Do you want 4K gaming or virtual reality at 60 frames per second? You got it," Ian Bell said on Twitter.

Crazy Box Design

Photo: ar archiveivo of creators

Tools for a creator

He added that his company will also offer a free engine for easy game play for this platform. This could ultimately make the games cheaper – at least compared to PlayStation and Xbox titles.

But then Bell paused, and Mad Box wasn't heard for several months. It is unclear at this time whether the creators of the promising game system have resigned. After all, next year we should see the new Xbox and PlayStation, and so the Slightly Mad studio wouldn't be interested in any interesting competition.

This might look like a new console driver

Photo: ar archiveivo of creators

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