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The Mchitarjan case. Finnish to Baku Armnec for political issues


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Casei is an unprecedented case in soccer. Hr can not enter the European final, which is played de facto in Asia, for political reasons. Scandal?

The UEFA representative is a newspaper in which we express deep concern about the whole situation. We have not evaluated all the risks that could happen in the matter of Mitarita's affairs, and after agreeing with nm and his family, we agreed not to go to Baku with us, Arsenal wrote in his official revision.

Arsenal opel to UEFA: European Finale in Baku? Unacceptable

During the Zerbjdna representative Armna's soccer player assured him that he would be safe at the final of the European leagues in Baku. Well, if only football is played …

I'm an excellent sport event. Political Mobility, but a professional soccer player, is paid for and in Baku will be completely safe. If the rest of the bag was coming, it would be a pbh, cited by Tahira Taghizadeh, Ambassador of Zerbjdnsk to the United Kingdom.

Between Zerbjdn and Armni, the situation is tough for controversy about the country of Nhorn Karabakh. Navy conflict, while officially ended in May 1994, but the military rubbish remains limited to me.

Mchitarjan, the best man in the history of Armnsk's Representations, did not travel to zpasm in the past. He and Dortmund missed the European League with Gabala in 2015 and did not flee to Karabah in the current season. Fall for fear of their security.

In Arsenal, a nest is one of the strongest pillars, pest was up to date for the seasons with the worst thief of Xhaka.

Micki was one of the best players on the way and his absence would be a fatal loss for the team. We're really sorry not to lose the European final, so scandalous life in the life of a soccer player, first for such reasons, to stand in the club.

While Mechitarjan had the right to enter Zerbjdnan at the arrest of the MSCE, however, the UEFA d gave him plenty of skills to play security. Marn.

Finle, with Arsenal on May 29, ptm Wednesday from 9pm, Utk with a rival Chelsea in London, whether discussions for several days.

In the past Arsenal criticized the European soccer union because of the city's proposal: we would like UEFA to accept logistics and the possibility of becoming a fan in similar cases in the future, because what is happening in the current season is totally unacceptable. it does not have to be repeated.

Although it is played in an stadium with no more than aesthetic capacity, and Arsenal and Chelsea have received only about twelve thousand tickets for fans. Due to insufficient transportation and housing facilities and the total cost of travel, the bag is not a correspondent.

Baku is one of the fastest cities in Great Britain and Europe, due to the limited number of flights from pmch, with both Arsenal and Chelsea fans.

many fans will not come there for the first time due to the huge logistics. This is the highlight of the season – really a reward for all fans …

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