Saturday , June 19 2021

Tribe, nka, ray? forbidden. He kicked a coin of Neurovila, a barrel for it

Englishman David McNamara was punished for having had a chance to win the mist of the captain of minions before the League of Manchester slapped soccer leagues against Manchester City. The Football Association has suspended this 21 days.

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According to the rules, he has to decide to decide on the pitch by throwing a minc, McNamara has forgotten his bag at atn. The captains of the two units allowed the rope, the rope, the horns.

He had forgotten the coin, and since he was still on television, he was stung by his hand, the Times quoted him by saying of the League of Nations, Stimpson.

The Football Association said McNamara was punished for the mistake. Should be prepared, coin mt. He disappointed me, because it was not a professional strain, Stimpson said. MANCHESTER City City and Reading finished 1: 1.

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